Students can send their Family Playlist assignments to their Family Partner's phone directly from their student account. This feature can be used to: 

  • Create Family Partner accounts after a Family Playlist has been assigned.
  • Transfer Family Playlist to a mobile phone in order to upload photos and videos for the Family Exploration. 

Students can send Family Playlists to a mobile phone by following these steps:

1. Open Family Playlist in a student account and go to the Family Exploration section. 

2. Click on the Complete on Phone button. 

3. If the student already has a connected Family Partner account, they can select the partner and click the Send Link button. 

4. If the student does not have a connected Family Partner account, they will click on the + Add More link and enter their new Family Partners name, phone number, and home language and click the Save Family Partner Info.

5. Once the new Family Partner account has been added they can select that from the menu in shown in step 3 and select the Send Link button. 

6. The Family Partner will receive two text messages. One with a link for more information about Family Playlists, and another with a link to the playlist itself.