Would you like to play games outside the classroom? Looking for activities that will sharpen your skills in Math? Language Arts? Science? If you are, you can follow these instructions to help you find the activities that you are looking for! 

Where do go to start looking for cool activities?



To start looking for activities, go to the Library by clicking on the Library tab on the top of your page.


Once you're in the Library, you can use the search tools on the left to narrow down your search.



Use the Grade slider to choose activities that are made for your grade level.

Click on a subject to narrow down your results.


Click on the arrows next to a subject to narrow down your results even more!


Notice that every time you select a subject, the activities on the right change. This is because the library is being Filtered based on your selections.

 What if I only want to search for Games?
Not a problem! Go ahead and check the box next to Practice Games & Interactives. Now only games and interactives will show up in your library. Choose one or more Activity Type to find exactly what you're looking for!

Enjoy exploring all the fun activities on PowerMyLearning Connect!