What is a Playlist Task?

A Playlist Task is a big picture, open response question that you will answer during or after you have completed all activities and checkpoints in a playlist. Take a look at your playlist task before you start your playlist activities and keep the question in mind as you learn. 

 How do I complete a Playlist Task?


I will walk you through the parts of a playlist task and how to complete them in the steps below. 

1. To view your Playlist Task, click on the tasks name. This will open up your Playlist Task.


2. Before you start your playlist activities, read the playlist task's Prompt. Keep this prompt in mind when working on the activities and checkpoints in your playlist.

3. Once you have completed your playlist's activities and checkpoints, read the task prompt again and then type your answer into the Response box on the right. 

4. If your task prompt wants you to include images, click on the Supporting Images link to expand three image boxes.

5. Click on a box, click Upload Image and choose the image file you would like to upload and click Open.

6. If you would like to edit this image in any way, use the tools on the left. Once you have finished, click Save.


7. The image you have uploaded will appear in one of the Supporting Images boxes. You can upload up to 3 images.

8. If you answered part of your playlist task prompt, but would like to finish later, click the green Save button. If you are finished answering and would like to submit your task, click the green Submit button. If you are finished and would like to print your task, click the blue Print button.


9. Once you have submitted your response, your status will change to Submitted.

Congratulations on completing your Playlist Task!